Qualified Caregiver to give You a peace of mind

Live-in Caregiver and Nurses with Healthcare Experience

At Trusted Care, we provide full-time live-in caregivers and nurses who are experienced or extensively trained in their local nursing academy to look after your loved ones' specific needs.

We collaborate with credible overseas training partners with excellent track records. Careful considerations are given to the overseas training partners we work with to ensure our caregivers and nurses are qualified and ready to be deployed to families:

1. Comprehensive facilities for language training, food preparation and basic household chores  

2. Holistic nursing curriculum (3 years formal nursing education/ Diploma/ Degree in Nursing)

3. Qualified and effective trainers 

4. Hands-on experience through internship at local nursing homes or hospitals 

5. Rigorous and stringent certification assessment   


Trusted Care live-in caregivers are skilled and equipped with basic medical training to deliver proper care, especially for our loved ones with chronic illnesses i.e. Dementia, Parkinson disease, Diabetic, Stoke etc.

They can manage a variety of tasks e.g. handle and transfer, bathing, dressing, medication administration, monitor vital signs, which will give a peace of mind for the after-care needs of patients when they have been discharged from the hospital.

Trusted Care live-in nurses possess more in-depth medical knowledge and nursing skills to perform invasive procedures i.e. injection, phlegm suctioning, catheter insertion etc.   

With a trusted live-in caregiver/nurse, your loved ones’ road to recovery can be made smoother and faster.

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